Sofia Mendes

Operations Manager

Ten Dental have been lucky enough to have Sofia as Operations Manager since 2012. She is a vital member of the team, a linchpin, and plays an essential role in the smooth running of the practice.

Sofia enjoys the dynamic and fast paced nature of her life at Ten and takes absolute pride in everything that she does. On a daily basis, she manages a team of over 50 staff including dental associates, dental nurses, TCOs and receptionists; supporting them to deliver the best possible care to our patients. She also works closely with the Principals and other management at Ten Dental to actively promote our practice in new and innovative ways. From sourcing and procuring new means of advertising to organising patient open days, she has a role in all areas of marketing and promotion for Ten Dental.

Sofia strongly believes that comprehensive training and support is the key to attracting and retaining top quality staff and she recently launched “Introduction to Practical Orthodontics”, a CPD course for dental nurses.  This has been positively received by dentists and nurses alike who have appreciated the opportunity to be trained and mentored by one of our resident Specialist Orthodontists.

Known for her adaptability, problem-solving, strategic thinking and ‘can-do’ attitude, Sofia loves the fact that these skills are fully put to use in her challenging role as Operations Manager for Ten Dental.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and arts and crafts.


Hayley Walkley

Wandsworth Practice Manager

I have had the pleasure of being with Ten Dental right from the very start when we opened our first branch in Clapham in 2004.

Seeing the company grow, and being an integral member of the team in the early stages, has given me the invaluable experience and opportunity to work in an environment like no other.

I feel very proud to be part of the Ten Dental team and to work alongside Nik and Martin and their team of professionals. Working with such a fantastic team allows me to feel confident in recommending the services we provide at Ten Dental and is the only place I would confidently and happily recommend to family and friends .

I take pride in treating each patient as an individual; treating them as I would hope to be treated myself or any family member.

I know after working in dentistry for over the last 20 years that nobody really enjoys visiting the dentist. However, I try to ensure that each part of the patient journey reaches, and even exceeds, patients’ expectations and that their experiences here are positive so that they would happily recommend us to their friends and family too.


Bianca Carr

Balham Team Leader

Having worked in the retail industry within management for quite some time, and thoroughly enjoying it, Bianca thought she could apply her knowledge to a more challenging career, at which point she decided on a whole new career path which led her to the dental industry.

Bianca joined Ten Dental in 2013 as a Dental Receptionist and soon became indispensable as front of house – loved by patients and colleagues alike. She greets everyone with a smile and tries to make the patient journey a positive experience. A few years into her receptionist role she was given the opportunity to become Team Leader for the Balham practice. She jumped on the opportunity, and although a challenging role, Bianca did not shy away and improves, advises and leads her team successfully and smoothly on a daily basis.

Bianca’s aim is to always meet the needs and expectations of patients and to provide them all with an individual experience. Her future goal is to continue to take part in educational programmes and continue to develop in her role. She aims to progress to Reception Manager and later Practice Manager.

In her spare time, Bianca enjoys spending quality time with her partner and young son.


Dionne Rhoden

Clapham Practice Manager GDC: 245126

After spending some time in child and social care, Dionne redirected her career path towards dentistry and graduated from the Hammersmith and West London College in 2011 with her Dental Nursing qualification. She went on to work in an NHS dental practice as a dental nurse and receptionist where she learned the ins-and-outs of dental nursing and different dental treatments.

She joined Ten Dental in 2013 as a Dental Receptionist and has evolved with the practice – recently becoming the practice manager at Ten Dental, Clapham. Dionne is an integral member of the Ten Dental team and keeps everything running smoothly at our Clapham practice with her can-do attitude and positive mindset. She is a favourite with patients, who she loves to develop a rapport with and get to know.

In her spare time, Dionne loves listening to music and singing. She is also a keen baker, enjoys making candles and hair products, and believes that a healthy body is the key to a focused mind which she practices through dance, yoga and swimming.


Andreea Pavel

Treatment Co-ordinator GDC: 245036

Andreea graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2007 and in 2009 completed a Masters in Communication Sciences. After a few years working in advertising for brands like Philips Morris, Andreea understood that she was ready to direct her career path toward something that would make a difference to people’s lives.
Moving to London in 2010 was the beginning of her dentistry affair, an adventure that has been ongoing for the past 5 years. Throughout this time Andreea has tried a number of different roles, from Dental Assistant to Practice Manager, but her current position as a Treatment Coordinator for Ten Dental has been the most rewarding and fulfilling.

Andreea realised that going to the dentist was not enjoyable for everyone, and that for some it can be terrifying. Being a good listener and being there for our patients to answer any questions they may have, can transform that dreading activity into something rather pleasant. Andreea chats to our patients in a non-clinical and friendly environment, explaining very complex dental treatment in simple terms and making them feel at ease every time they visit our practices. Andreea’s role is also to make sure the treatment is tailored to suit their budget and ultimately their needs.

When not talking to patients she is talking to dentists. She organises events where our practice partners Nik and Martin are lecturing on the latest technologies and procedures in implant restoration.

In her spare time she likes keeping busy with street dancing, kite surfing, snowboarding and her all-time favourite: reading a book on a deserted beach (usually just a re-read of “The Beach”) accompanied by a cold beer.


Sophie Guidera

Treatment Co-ordinator GDC: 250298

Sophie left school after completing her A-levels to start work as a receptionist at a dental practice near to her home town. She enjoyed the role so much that she went on to study and become a qualified Dental Nurse.

After working on reception and nursing for a number of years, Sophie realised that she loved interacting with patients and guiding them on their journey through dental treatment so much that she proceeded to a Treatment Co-ordinator role at a new small practice, giving her the skills to start a career as a Treatment Co-ordinator for Ten Dental in Clapham.

Sophie enjoys seeing patients for one-to-one consultations, and helping them along during the process of their journey at Ten Dental. She also helps patients with finance options, questions about their treatments and enjoys being there personally for a number of different patients through their dental journey. She makes sure to be there every step of the way, and ensure that any questions you have are answered carefully and in detail at any stage of treatment.

Sophie is a regular at her local gym when not at work and also enjoys looking after her two year old cat while at home and visiting new places.


Chloe Cotgrove

Treatment Co-ordinator GDC: 249761

Chloe began her journey into dentistry when she was 19 where she started her dental nurse course in Canterbury. After completing the training she began working in a specialist referral practice in Kent and after this the maxillofacial department at Ashford Hospital.

Chloe realised that her real passion was people and chose to leave nursing, move to London, and join Ten Dental as treatment coordinator.

Although she does still enjoy the practical part, she really enjoys helping patients understand what is possible with Implant and cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontics, and helping them during their treatment.

In her spare time Chloe enjoys visiting new cities and various music events with friends.


Maggie Pospieszna


Maggie began her studies at Art College in Gdynia, Poland and graduated in 2006 with specialisation in Ceramic Art.

She came to London in 2008 and worked for different companies as a receptionist and front of house in the creative industry. Maggie very quickly realised working in a customer facing industry was what she enjoyed most of all soon after that she found a path into the field of dentistry.

In 2013 she completed training and began her career as a Dental Receptionist. She thoroughly enjoys working in the area of dentistry and started started working for Ten Dental in 2016.

When not working she enjoys long walks with her dog Dexter travelling abroad especially to Asia. She is passionate about art and in her spare time loves to draw and paint.


Anisha Rhoden


Anisha began her career as a chef and after a few years decided to have a complete career change, although she loved her career as a chef she felt working with people was what she enjoyed the most.

Anisha feels her new career in the dental industry is extremely rewarding as she can see the changes she is making to somebody’s life and how much they appreciate it.

Although this is her first job as a receptionist at a dental practice she feels she has come so far already, both in how much she has learned and also by working in a company that is so patient orientated.  She feels that working at Ten Dental she can only develop and learn more and more.

In her spare time Anisha enjoys reading romantic fiction, going to the cinema with her family, catching up with friends and learning Italian.


Marina Ristovska


In 2008 Marina started her dental nurse training in Melbourne at the Royal Melbourne Dental hospital, qualifying in 2009. Once qualifying she went on to work in the Oral Surgery department at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital, and then worked as an Orthodontic nurse for 4 years. Before moving to London she worked for eighteen months in a dental practice which specialised in Implants and All on 4.

Marina then moved to London in August 2015, and joined the Ten Dental team in December 2015. She thoroughly enjoys working with such an amazing team as Ten Dental. She is very grateful for her experience at Ten Dental and the ambiance of working in London.

In her spare time she enjoys discovering what London has to offer and travelling to visit new countries and cities.


Pearl Waterhouse


Pearl first began working as a Dental Receptionist over nine years ago. She has gained a wealth of experience in this area and enjoys working in a patient focused environment.

Pearl is excited about working in such a dynamic environment as Ten Dental Wandsworth and is looking forward to learning from the team. She hopes to remain for many years to come and make lasting friendships along the way.

Aside from work Pearl likes acting and singing and has been involved in shows locally. She also enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.


Our Care Team

Practice Partners

Dr Wanendeya and Dr Sisodia undertake regular courses and training in the UK and abroad bringing you the latest knowledge and techniques in this ever advancing field of modern dentistry.

Dr Martin Wanendeya

Implant Surgeon

As well as carrying out his own surgical work, Martin tutors and trains other dentists. He is currently a tutor at the Royal College of Surgeons teaches all aspects of implantology. In addition to this, he is a mentor for the Association of Dental Implantology and teaches on the Implant Restoration Course.

Dr Nikhil Sisodia

Implant Surgeon

Alongside his own implant practice, Nik is a mentor for the Association of Dental Implantology, a study club director for the International Team in Implantology and teaches on the Implant Restoration Course. He is also a key opinion leader for Dentsply Implants, assisting them in testing the viability and efficacy of their new products.

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